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The 2nd International Conference for Economic, Business, and Financial Challenges in MENA & GCC Countries, 2013

Conference Begin/End Dates
29 - 31 May, 2013
Istanbul, Turkey
Abstract Submission Start Date

January 1, 2013

Registration Deadline

May 10, 2012
Accepting Submissions?
Allow Submitters to make post-deadline changes in their submissions?
Yes, submitters can edit/update their submissions after the deadline.
Note that this also allows a submitter of an undecided or rejected paper to delete their own submission after the deadline. However once a paper is accepted, the submitter can no longer delete it.
Allow Submitters to make to submit contributed or poster sessions?
Do submissions involve submitting an abstract only?
Is the submission of a full paper encouraged or required?
Are submitters required to upload their vita/resume before they can submit a paper?

Are submitters allowed to make a second choice of area/committee member to submit their paper to?
Submission Limit (per submitter)
Size Limits (per submission)
Abstracts: 250 words, Papers: 3 megabytes
Session Limits (per submission)
A submission can appear in at most one session on the program.
Required Fields in Submissions
title, authors, abstract
Submission Assignment
Submitters are not required to specify an area/committee member for their submissions.
Submission Mode
users can upload paper or provide URL to submission
URL to Conference Announcement
Program Finalized?
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