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ISJSE offer a Services for Science journals submission

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Develop networks for international education and research


Offer scholarships for educational institutions, students and researchers


Financial support for research projects

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International Society Journal of Science and Education (ISJSE) is committed to the highest scholarly standards in the publication of its journals. All titles in International Society Journal of Science and Education (ISJSE) is peer-reviewed and carefully edited by experienced academic editors. The publication process is managed using a team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff where authors are treated with dignity and provision of information related to management research is provided within no time. We actively market our journals both locally and internationally to ensure the widest readership possible


  • Scientific publishing
  • Develop networks for international education and research
  • Offer scholarships for educational institutions, students and researchers
  • Financial support for research projects
  • Promote the social development

Open-Access Journals

The open-access model of academic publishing is gaining more popularity than do any other publishing model. Open-access publishing allows researchers to use the content in their research with no hurdle of adding the articles to cart and paying for them. Anyone having internet connection can gain access to International Society Journal of Science and Education at any given time. We hope that, soon enough, this model of open-access publishing will be proved beneficial for researchers, scholars, academicians and practitioners all over the world in terms of using the quality research articles easily and with no restrictions of downloading the full-text articles.

Fast Publication Process

We, at International Society Journal of Science and Education, believe that research findings if not published timely will result in the great loss for academicians in general and for practitioners in particular. Therefore, we ask our reviewers to put themselves in authors’ shoes and review the submitted manuscript in a time frame of a week so that we can reach to a conclusion in no more than seven days. Timely reviews are also significant for authors having their promotions ahead. We offer a fast turn-around time in which authors can get their results of the review well in time.

Double Blind Peer Reviewed Journals

International Society Journal of Science and Education is strict in terms of its policy of maintaining the highest standards of online publishing. We strictly follow the double blind peer review for reviewing the submitted research work in the shape of research articles, case studies, literature surveys and book reviews. Anonymity of authors to reviewers and reviewers to authors will be ensured so as to make the review process fair and just. Authors name(s) and affiliations should only appear in the first page and not anywhere else in the article.

Dedicated Editorial Team

Ensuring the quality of research is not possible without the help of editorial and reviewers’ team. We believe that if editorial staff and reviewers team is recruited in terms of quality of their own research and their love for conducting and reviewing research, we can achieve the highest standards of academic publishing. Having known this fact, we carefully examine each resume we receive and maintain a positive relationship with our editorial staff.

Quarterly Journals

The journals in International Society Journals of Science and Education are published online on quarterly basis so that authors can see their article published on our website every 3 months. Quarterly publications have the benefits of more attractive publication schedule, less time between review completion and publication, less need for haste around infrequent deadlines and more exposure for reviews within publishing year, meaning greater potential for citation.

Research Languages

International Society Journal of Science and Education (ISJSE)is a multi-language journal that accept research papers in four different languages and these languages are ENGLISH, FRENCH, ARABIC, and RUSSIAN.


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