International Society Journals of Science and Education (ISJSE) are committed to the highest scholarly standards in the publication of its journals. All titles in International Society Journal of Science and Education (ISJSE) is peer-reviewed and carefully edited by experienced academic editors. The publication process is managed using a team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff where authors are treated with dignity and provision of information related to management research is provided within no time. We actively market our journals both locally and internationally to ensure the widest readership possible.

Double Blind Peer Reviewed Journals

International Society Journal of Science and Education is strict in terms of its policy of maintaining the highest standards of online publishing. We strictly follow the double blind peer review for reviewing the submitted research work in the shape of research articles, case studies, literature surveys and book reviews. Anonymity of authors to reviewers and reviewers to authors will be ensured so as to make the review process fair and just. Authors name(s) and affiliations should only appear in the first page and not anywhere else in the article. International Society Journal of Science and Education (ISJSE) Maintains International Memberships to Ensure Quality Standards, Memberships enable the Journals of ISJSE to remain at the cutting edge of scholarly and professional thought leadership. ISJSE considers its participation in a wide range of associations to be important in continuing to provide the highest level of scientific research. ISJSE through its founder and at the Institutional level hold accreditation and memberships within the associations listed below:

1. Index Copernicus- New York

2. Ulrich Web Directory- Amsterdam

3. Contemporary Science Association- New York

4. Electronic Journals Library

5. Google scholar

6. DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journal)

7. Article Alley

8. INASP (International Network for the Availability of scientific Publication)

9. Cabell’s Directories (The Congress Library)

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