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International Society Journal of Science and Education (ISJSE) is a society with aim to promote research and education. As the world has changed and an event in one country can affect the business across the globe, so world is now really a business village, where there is interdependence. This requires a work that is beyond boundaries. ISJSE being a purposeful society also aims to work on the same issue. It covers research across the globe and wants to help business through research.

In order to work our way we are looking forward to recruit our representative/associates across the globe. These bridge society and business world by bringing along research and areas that require attention from researchers, academicians, scholars, business tycoons and all those who are associated with the business.

We welcome all those who aim to join our cause and can stand by us to help achieving ISJSE goals. To join our team, fill out the Reviewer Application Form and send it with your CV containing complete academic, professional, and demographical information at info@ISJSE.org .

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